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We firmly believe that every customer is unique even if they operate in similar businesses having defined processes and mechanism to operate. This is more prominent in the educational space both at the school as well as higher educations level as there are laid down guidelines and framework to operate by the administration both at the center and the state who governs them. Serving the same medicine will not be fruitful for either of us as it does not differentiate the institution which is passionately shaping its brand identity. This calls for an able and experienced team which has the capabilities inherently required to deliver the project on the ground and make it successful for our customers. If you too have such a requirement where we can be of some help to you then do get in touch with us on a phone call or email us at and explore the possibilities. 



Classroom Furnitures

Budgeted Digitised Schools:

Budgeted Digitised Schools are our flagship service that we offer to our esteemed clients. Here we build and operate asset-light, pocket friendly, and smart K12 schools for them which takes lesser time to generate surpluses and operate on its own as compared to any regular big brand schools.

Pre & K12 School Franchisee Services: 

We offer franchisee services for and on behalf of our clients. We help in the franchisee setup and operational activities.

School Establishment and Management Services:

We offer school establishment and management services for our clients who either wish to set up a Pre-School or a regular K12 School in their specific location and budgets. These can be on a management fee basis or on a BOT model basis.

School Branding and Marketing Services:

This is a specialty service being offered by the company where we help the educational institutions to manifest themselves as global brands and establish their reach and acceptability on a market segmentation basis, specific needs and requirements that they might be having. We deliver a high degree of customization to them.

Turnkey School Projects:

It is yet another specialty service that is offered by our company to our clients on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis. 

School Digitization Services:

We offer a wide array of digitization services from ERPs, LMS, Application Development on Androids and IOS platforms, etc. 

Online Courses and Tutorials:

The company also facilitates providing various online courses and tutorials for school as well as college students in various fields which go a long way in shaping the careers of these students.

Skill Development Courses:

We offer skill-specific courses for the students as well as the employees of specific industries relating to BFSI, Mass Communication, Hospitality and Tourism, Digital Media Animations, Digital Media Marketing, etc.

School Staff's Training & Development:

We offer a wide range of teaching skills, parent's grievances management, office management, school's marketing, etc. workshops and capsule courses of the schools.

Franchise Services:

We are helping up our customers in building their Brand footprint across India through our franchise development and marketing services. Our services are duly customized to the specific needs of valued customers and the business they are in.

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